Reflecting on 7 Habits Day 1 & 2 (Delta)

I was a part of the Delta, led by Utsav Sir & Wilmont Sir.

It was a very fun-learning space that I got to share with my colleagues. Although I knew all the content’s crux, I got to look at it again and reflect on my current situation. My paradigm that ‘because I know the content, I will get bored’ got shifted.

I really liked the idea of starting the sessions with some activity always. That increased the fun and connectivity element in our sessions. The sharing done by everyone could help me connect to the session topics in further detail. Somehow, connecting with the speakers as well. During the session, there were a lot of times when I felt like sharing my situation, but couldn’t get myself to talk about it. Maybe, I will get the courage to do so next time.

Even though I knew the concept of Proactive behavior, the reflection on my trigger points helped me get to the core of my current situation. Because of this I also had a self-realization moment. And now I plan to work on it. I could constantly connect one of the sessions about classroom management (done in training), with the ‘between stimulus & response’ activity. Furthermore, the website used to make the mission statement was very useful. I feel I would want to give a little more time to that in my me-time. Lastly, I am very interested in the EBA concept, and a revision of the same, was something I am grateful for.

Overall, in these 2 days, I got to revisit all the concepts again, where I could reflect based on my current understanding and situation. Which made the sessions more relevant to me. I got to have lots of learning. And with these new & deeper connections with my colleagues-now-friends, I had a sort of rejuvenating weekend. Seriously, can’t wait to attend the upcoming sessions.

Signing off,
Avina Agarwal.

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