Life Class on 7 habits and love

The constant pursuit of a perfect life I yearned for was a never-ending competition filled with uncertainties and doubts. However, everything changed when I attended a life class focused on the 7 habits and love, which transformed my perspective completely. I learned the distinction between responding and reacting, enabling me to express myself more calmly and with fewer conflicts. The session charged up my already proactive nature. The concepts of the Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence helped me focus on what truly matters. “Begin with the end in mind” provided insight into having a vision and mission in life. Additionally, “Principle-Centeredness” emphasized that everything can be managed without sacrificing one’s priorities. Learning to “Put first things first” and understanding the importance of an “emotional bank account” were both immensely helpful as well.

Well conducted session by Ravi Sir and Vaishali ma’am.

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