Yes ! ASUS finally !

Before couple of months I was facing trouble with my old laptop.I was on verge of purchasing a new laptop which enables me to work efficiently. So I inquired few models of laptop as per my limitation of budget. So after communications with different friends, options were listed before me as per my budget. Apart from that I had few more reviews too which were based upon its features and performance. Also I saw few videos on you-tube where contrasting results for the different models which was followed by comments expressing their likes and dislikes which grades the products based on their prior experiences.Like I was inclined to go for few models of DELL or HP based on my visit to showroom where sales person was interested in sale of the certain products.As more and more information became easily accessible, my attention span became more narrow.But at last I called upon my brother-in-law for piece of advice.He asked me to go for ASUS zenbook UX305 which offers some competition to Mac book air.I was flooded with information with my confirmation bias for product with strong mind-set to not to buy ASUS laptops as such as reviews were concerned. But I made my view-point sharp by identifying few of my fundamental needs.It was really different experience as there was more mass to pull me over their biases.Hence this experience made me open-minded.It allowed me to think of few far-out alternatives too.


Krishna 🙂


  • I may have made a similar choice recently by purchasing a phone for my daughter. The mixed responses on the internet about the product seemed quite confusing but the sales pitch of the marketing executive was good enough for me to purchase it. Biased or not, I have an I-phone and can now say…when you don’t have an I-phone…you don’t have and I-phone.

  • I can relate to your post. I faced similar issue when I had to choose an investment option over PPF. I always keep saying Equity gives higher returns in all my sessions but somewhere I had made up my mind that I ll never invest in pure equity, and always kept convincing myself PPF is best and must. Last month however I decided to do more research keeping aside all my biases and finally I realised my mistake and stopped my PPF completely and moved to Equity linked Scheme. 🙂

  • Krishna, I too am sailing in the same boat. I can’t make a decision when there are many choices. Hence took suggestion from 2-3 IT experts and narrowed down to buy a DELL laptop.
    Which one? yet to decide!


  • My question is, “Did you analyze Asus with Mac features too or just with Dell and HP?

    • Yes, I did. I saw couple of videos where they show differences and similarities between MacBook and Asus ZenBook. Ofcourse the one I have is a copy of MacBook. Similarity in the name also 🙂

  • In fact, I have experienced many a times that when I am flooded with too much of information, it becomes difficult for me to take a decision. And then based out of my preference or my inclination towards a product, I end buying what I want to buy.

  • Let me share something similar here. My daughter needs a chromebook this academic year but she couldn’t get the chromebook that she wanted and she was very upset because of that. So, we sat together and made her read the specifications and reviews of all the models available in the market to help her realize that there is always alternatives available and we have to make conscious efforts to look for them. Now, she is happy with her second choice.

  • Even I faced the same issue recently when suddenly mu phone got crashed and I had no other option to buy one immediately. I had a few options in mind within my range so I did comparative analysis and decided but that was available online only. Then some one suggested one other model which I liked too. The challenge was that I need to finalize one option as my phone was off these days and the option I was planning to buy was available online only which takes 5-7 days to be delivered. Finally, after so much of research work I ordered the one which was the first option for me and finally got it today.

  • Ankita Diwekar Kabra

    Sheena Iyengar has written a book called “The art of choosing”, there is also a TED talk by her. you should look it up. I personally hold the view that some things, one must choose to be indifferent and understand what our real needs are. Sure, Macbook is high end but will you really use the high end features? 98% of our work if not 100% is in google apps suite 🙂

    Last year, when we wanted to buy a fridge, we saw LG which had “dual compressor” and Samsung which had “double inverter” or maybe vice versa or some permutation of these words. We couldnt really make out head or tail of this and so just went with Samsung (because its a Korean company) idea what nationality is LG company :)).. but whatever LG and Samsung in white goods is like “potato potato (puhtayto Potahto).. same thing really 🙂

  • I’m going through the same to buy a new car. Since last few months I’ve been reading reviews as well as model features of some of the cars, but still unable to decide. Confirmation bias is also working a lot here; as I’m looking for evidences to support my preference (budget being a major determinant). This is the first time I’m taking so much of time to make a decision. I feel still I’m not clear which one to go with. I wish I make a wise decision soon!

  • We did the same when we wanted to buy a new car few months back. In fact, we had booked Baleno which had a waiting of 3- 4 months. The entire summer we moved on a two wheeler and suddenly when it was time to take the delivery of the car, my husband changed his decision and bought another car.

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