7 Habits & Love (Day 1 & Day 2)

A perfect picture of ‘Perfect Life’ and what’s stopping me from it.

“trust no future, however pleasant! Let the dead past bury its dead!” live in present!! no past & no future

As Past is history and Future is mystery but Present is gift so enjoy!!

Primary Greatness Character, Value, Morals

Secondary Greatness Money, Position, Respect, Image, Popularity

Secondary greatness is important but not at the cost of Primary greatness.

The way we see the world is as if all the problem we face is all because of others but we never see their end of things maybe sometimes their story is way beyond our imagination we just need to be calm and either try to communicate may be the way of judging get changed.

Here we come with 1st habit  Be Proactive.

In any negative situation either we can react or we can respond.

we just need to take a pause is it really worth it, do our reaction will really change that situation if not than its better to just except it and respond accordingly.

Proactive people understand the we as a human, holds responsibility for our own lives. Its our own call whether to take initiative or responsibility for our life.

Then we came to know about Circle of Concern and Circle of Influence through which we come to know what actually we can control and what we cant as Swami Gopal Das said Birth, Death, and The Circumstances we face during life is not in our control what is there in our control is how we respond to this situations and what choices we make so we have to focus on solutions rather than complaining about problems.

Here we come with 2nd habit Begin With The End In Mind.

here we realise how things seems so small at the time of death what actually matter at time are the things we are least bothered about now.

Clarity about Vision and Mission and what actually they mean to us and how we should proceed. A clear idea of what type of person I am and around whom my life revolves and what kind of person i should be.

Principal Centered  to look at the balanced whole considering every factor and try to come up with best solution where no ones need is sacrificed.

it also states that whatever goal you make the end product should be there in mind as it is said that every winner wins twice 1st in mind and then in reality.

Here we come with 3rd habit Put First thing First

To achieve any goal you need to prioritise which work is to be done first and what is more important and these we have bifurcated into 3 things 1. Rock  2. Pebbles  3. Sand

  • Rocks are the task which are most important
  • Pebbles are the task which are important but its OK if it is delayed
  • Sands are the task which u can do in your free time

Then we came across the concept of Emotional Bank A/C

As in bank we deposit money and withdraw it same way in any relation we have to deposit (love, Compassion, understanding) and we withdraw (Complains, Fights and Blaming) and there should be balance between them only withdrawal leads to breakups.

Thanks Ravindra Agrawal and Vaishali Patel for this wonderful session

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