Seven Habits and Love -Gamma Session 1& 2 2023-24

To begin with, I had heard alot about LIFE CLASSES during my training period about how these classes have changed their perspective or way of thinking . Which always made me wonder how this can actually be possible ? How can only sharing change your thought process ? ……But YES, I can say that now, it actually happened.

In this class, I learned that proactive language can make positive changes in your behavior and  it actually makes you feel powerful by taking charge of your life.

Another important thing that I learned is a Paradigm shift. It occurs when you change your perspective about something to understand other persons’ situations.

I have read about 7 habits but I learnt implementation during life classes : TO BE PROACTIVE, TO BEGIN WITH END IN MIND, TO PUT FIRST THING FIRST. And also how these habits can bring positive changes in your personal as well as professional life. 


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