Unleashing Habit-1,2 & 3

My first life class. It was amazing and refreshing 2 days where we tried to introspect our emotional and mental being. With some heartwarming questions and some harsh truths we surpassed the 2 days as a group with ease. It just did not focus on our professional development but also our individual growth that was need of the hour. We had sharing that helped us reveal our own truths and sometimes it even helped us in unraveling the actual meaning of the question.

Our mentors opened their hearts out so that it was easy for us to pour our minds and hearts with information and valid examples for the benefit of the group as whole. All in all it was a beautiful break from the mundane tasks with positive energy and hopeful future with a better version of ourselves. I am indeed grateful for the beautiful start of this journey with new perspectives and new horizons.

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