Critical thinking story 2

Shiv used to go to Robogenius for learning Robotics. He had made this choice. Initially he enjoyed those classes a lot. Soon, the interest started to fade away. On being asked, why? He said , ” I don’t enjoy the class.” This was the time I thought I could help him apply my learnt lesson. We as parents sat with him and told him to analyze the situation, write the pros and cons of the workshop and take a decision. Writing didn’t take place, but decision was clear. Now, he was clear why he didn’t enjoy the sessions. He didn’t like following the steps given to him in a given format. He said he knew how to build a model but it’s application was unclear including why certain parts are used in one model but not in other.This was a learning for him as a child that I cannot just say “No” or “Yes” for everything without an analysis of it. It helps me take a better decision.

To our surprise, the lesson he had learnt was applied when we went to buy a gift for him for his birthday. He likes being given a game or a sports tool or an encyclopedia or book on places as a gift. We took him to the this new store “Decathlon” for the purchase. He wanted to buy cricket stumps which she expected his grandparents should gift ┬áhim and some undecided gift from us. He had already bought a dart game from the store a week before which he enjoyed playing. He bought stumps and explored the store on his own. At the end , he told us , “I think, I should wait as I am not clear what to buy or when time comes I will decide on basis of what I require.” We agreed. Although, I bought a surprise gift for him from Mumbai, a table tennis kit which he can play on our dining table itself. He was very happy. He said, ” Good I waited that day because I liked this gift a lot.” On being asked, this is not your decision and you can still buy one , he told “No”.

In fact , I have applied this too in many situations when buying the monthly stuff for home, deciding the tailor and buying books from Crossword versus Amazon :). But, thought of sharing these two stories here.





  • Inculcating this kind of thought process in someone so young is a challenge. I have learnt from this method. Thanks Bhargavi.

  • I really liked this idea of analysing. I think I’m going to ask Maahit also to try this and see how it works. I’m sure this would help him to take better decisions for himself. Thank you for sharing these instances Bhargavi ma;am.

  • Vagisha Shrivastava

    I have been doing this kind of thinking for quite some decisions lately. It does work, because after the decision is taken there are times when I have thoughts if it was right or not. Then I rethink or go back to what made me take the decision and that helps me calm down.

  • This is actually a nice idea before coming on any conclusion or before taking any decision. Same thing I also applied before purchasing a flat and after that also I have used same strategy many times. It actually works ……… : )

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