Critical thinking

Critic is always been about criticizing, negative thoughts or hurtful words.
But after attending the workshop I understand CRITICAL THINKING is something which one does after putting their feeling and opinions to rest and relying their decision more on research, calculations, facts and figures.

Yesterday when I sat down to do some critical thinking, I realized that I fall under many biases but most of times I follow reactance bias (The urge to do the opposite of what someone wants you to do out of a need to resist a perceived attempt to constrain your freedom of choice) When I experience event like somebody instructing me to do what they want me to do, without taking my opinion then that moment -I feel that someone or something is taking away my choices or limiting the range of alternatives. I feel caged. Wish to go against and then land up being frustrated.

I do realize that this is harming my peace of mind as well as of my family. I’m trying hard to control it conciously.

This workshop enlightened me and it made me realize that there are a few things which I really need to work upon.

I would like to add on that confirmation bias activity(pattern) was an eye opener. And I was so thrilled about it that I also shared the same with my friends.

I’d like to conclude – Workshop was ineffable.


Kiran Tulsiani



  • Yup! You said it well Kiran! Re-actance bias gets me in a lot of trouble as well. This purposeful inclination to do what has been forbidden is something that I struggle from – probably my ‘logical reasoning’, if it can be called could be flawed, but then I find ways to convince myself over, and over again that it is not. Thanks for writing about this. Now I will be a lot more aware and conscious about my bias acting on me, and hopefully try to work around it.

  • Truly said, the re-actance bias had actually created a mess in my life specially in dealing with my kids. However, the Integrity workshop had helped me to overcome my flaws.

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