A short and unspoken story!

Well, I think it’s not too late to write, as somewhat I still possess a negativity bias in me. Yes, I do at times have a greater recall of unpleasant memories compared with positive memories. Whether it is a workplace or family experience, I invariably remember the instances where I sensed a complete distrust on me; I was disappointed by others actions and words. I would also mention here, that today I am quite self aware about this particular bias in me and making an attempt to balance my thoughts.

Let me add, I am much happier now, not because my views or my situations have changed. I am happy because I envision my life differently; I see myself surrounded differently; the people I interact with are very different; and I am happy to experience this difference in me.

I don’t want to get lost in search of my story, and I am not in a hurry to bring about a change in my life. First, let me experience the dive – deep into my thoughts and taste the progressive fall in my life. I wish to grow a little older to experience a phenomenal rise and would then express my say, based on my biases and the changed time.


  • Very true. I too tend to remember instances of distrust rather than ones where trust was evident. This negative bias keeps you under stress especially in close relationship. Now, after this class I have made it a point to listen to what the person is wanting to convey instead of just running into conclusion.

  • I completely agree to your statements as changes occur gradually and not in a spur of moments. I myself have been very patient and kept implementing. Today I can visualize change within me which has also changed my environment and people around me.

  • I can easily connect myself with negativity bias. Unpleasant thoughts have a greater effect on my thought processes than neutral or positive things.

  • Priyanka Vijay Chhabra

    I completely agree to what you are saying- as I too faced the same thing- But after the session and the fact thrown on my face about deciding things by being negative bias unknowingly where I felt- it has become a pattern of giving important to negativity first and shutting myself from seeing positive. I would at least I am making a progress ( whether a little amount) and the journey has just started to be a Critical Thinker 🙂

  • On the contrary, I really struggle in accepting the fact that I have a particular bias and I cannot do anything about it. May be, I need to be more conscious about taking the right amount of dose for my disease..

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