Strength Of Mind ( Integrity & EI)

“Getting a hold of my emotions” is the main change in me that I have learned out of all 8 life classes. The term “Integrity” which FS has always been following is something I have learned in depth. Integrity is not only a word but if we apply it in our lives, it can bring a vast change in us and also the people surrounding us. We can help ourselves grow and help others grow if we work on this. In life, there may be many instances where we might think not to follow integrity, but then being brave and working towards it will always keep you stress and guilt free which automatically connects with your emotions.

Emotional Intelligence is something to know about all our emotions in depth, it may be positive or negative and we need to work on it for bringing a better change in ourselves. The life classes here taught me to recognize my different levels of emotions where I could categorize them and fill in what I was lacking. It is we who can keep ourselves happy and it is again we only who can motivate ourselves. We are our own role models when it comes to our mental state of mind. Everyone has a life of their own but what we go through except us no one can feel therefore, we always need to be emotionally strong to stay happy in life and if we are happy we can keep others happy too.


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