Strive for it, you may or may not achieve it

We started with DIFFICULT CONVERSATION and ended with CONTENTMENT. Yes, that’s how our EI journey was. Everyone faces difficult conversations, but how to deal with it was beautifully explained by our facilitators; Nandini ma’am and Evelyn ma’am.
I really liked the 3 steps: Content conversation, Emotional conversation and identity conversation. It was worth pondering on identity conversation, cause, what I realised is, that’s where everything starts and that’s where we can balance ourselves.
Now, I would like to stress on STRESS buffer. Who doesn’t stress out? We all are humans and we do face stress. An astonishing approach towards stress; just improve your relationship with it.
I am definitely more Emotionally Intelligent now. Thanks to the entire group for sharing and being an empathetic listener. 

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