Where did your values and principles come from?

Today I completed my second season with Critical Thinking. In the last season I lost my “faith in God” and I thought I have lost all my grounds. But here I am successfully completing my second season. Not only that, I am really proud of myself the way I have turned out without “my faith in GOD”. It’s not that I was not thriving earlier but the fear of letting go of something to gain something – was something I had never done before.

Today when I hear anyone talking about how religious they are and how religiously they follow the practices- my response is – great – good for you!! and I move on. The reason I don’t try to change or question them, just because I have got my share of clarity is because -I took my own time and processing to come to this stage. I don’t want to take that right away from them. It’s a journey of evolution, self introspection and enlightment so it is better the individual experience it themselves at their own pace. During my evolution journey someone once told me – speed doesn’t matter – as long as you are growing. (PS – I have already expressed my gratitude to that someone.)

Saying that it doesn’t mean I don’t have any values or principles. I do and I very religiously follow them but the difference is – they are my selected ones – not imposed on me by anyone or anything. Thanks to the CT sessions and especially my facilitators for guiding me to create my own ground with my own set of values and principles. This is one of the victories for me at many levels – which is another story to tell. But by choosing “my own set of values and principles” I am not only enjoying the freedom with purpose I am role modelling the same for my kids.

Everyone knows to think just be little critical to start off. CHOOSE YOUR OWN GROUNDS.



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