I am all ears

Visit to old age home was an eye opener. We are always so busy in our lives that we hardly think of adverse situations. I happened to meet 2-3 people there out of which I interacted most time with an aunty who belonged to the same culture as mine. She spoke about how she was a big shot in her life until she was thrown away out of her own house post her husband’s demise. She shared her belief in god and probably karma, and how she has lost faith in blood relationships. Talking to her and listening to her agony was indeed a moment to empathise as the situation she shared was quite familiar which we keep hearing day in and out.

While stepping out, we met a mother with her twin daughters suffering from ‘Down syndrome’. She was a positive persona who dedicated herself to her kids. What touched me most was when she quoted “Probably god knew I am capable and strong enough to handle such situations islie bhagwan ne mujhe 2-2 dedie ki sambhal.” She was not resentful, but was rather focused on positive parenting. I believe such visits and interactions are helpful in digging deeper into the last 2 domains of EI.


Thank you to the EI facilitators for collaborating and making this happen.

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