Critical thinking- Priti Pimpalkhare

I think religion is the practice created by humans for society. People with the same thoughts and beliefs created their groups and named them religions. They follow different authorities which they named god. These Gods have different names and their identity, they are from mythology or some saints.

I am not totally against some beliefs as far as it’s not harming society and my self-esteem. I believe in some positive power that keeps motivating me to do the right things. I also chose saints such as Swami Samartha, and Sai baba to share my thoughts to ask some questions in my mind for which I get answers by myself. The statues or photographs are not talking with me but motivate me to listen to my inner voice for a sure. I think it’s a faith factor and not following religion blindly.

I started keeping my points of view about my beliefs too. I don’t allow myself to go to some pandit, baba to solve my problems, as only I am the person who can work on them.

But there are many people who are grappling with some beliefs like we can not do pooja during periods, Different communities have to follow only their religion, Only particular reason is showing the right path, and Follow the authorities blindly without thinking logically etc.

Critical thinking helps to be more open-minded and think logically about religion and beliefs. I will surely be able to question myself whenever I might have to take any decision about my beliefs or how to the extent I need to participate in rituals.

Apart from this System, 1 and System 2 helped me a lot. I have gone through a couple of situations where I was able to apply Think 2, take a pose, and react.

Though I am an open-minded parent, I will definitely work on that I will not pass on my beliefs regarding religion to my daughter and let her decide what is religion for her or whether she believes or does not believe in that.



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