Critical or not–You decide

Life itself is a duality and I keep coming up with more and more examples to support my thinking….yeah I know confirmation bias…but what I am really struggling with is when to use which of the two options….how do I become more wiser now that I am already ‘intelligent’;)

Example 1:

Option A)

Sunk cost fallacy–Do not keep going on and on with something which is not giving desired results just for the heck of it. I gave up pursuing journalism.


Option B)

Try try and you will succeed…I continued my MHRD…

Result or my conclusion: I should have continued journalism as I like writing and MHRD,

Well as you know it has not been of any use….


I am trying to organize my thoughts into some semblance of order…failing miserably:(



  • Mariyam,

    Could resonate with your point on Sunk cost fallacy. I has taken a policy which I realized isn’t yielding enough benefits. Hadn’t I read about Sunk cost fallacy, I would have continued with the policy paying the premium for long 20 years.

    But being aware to this bias helped me to decide and discontinue the policy.

  • Well Mariyam I see the bright side to your having done MHRD. You can use that given the position you are in at school…and your ability to write is being put to good use, with or without a course in Journalism, as of now. That’s a win-win, I’d say.


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