Glimpse from my diary.

We have gone through lot of discussions and conversations which include meditations, articles and movies. We were given opportunities to go deep into ourselves selves and observe our emotional quotation, which gives us an idea about our triggers along with our responses and reactions on situations. We also learnt lot from sharing our experiences when other participants are sharing their POV and personal experience gives us feeling that we all are sailing in a same boat only size shape and sea are different which makes each journey unique but at the end our destination is same, we all seek for mental health and happiness.

Glimpse of EI LC from my diary.

Emotional Intelligence
Ability to understand your own and other emotions. Discriminate among them and learn how to regulate our thinking and reactions for the same.
Understanding word VUCA world and Amygdala attack was a new words and concepts I came across and was interesting to know my response in those two terms.
5 elements of EI
Self awareness – knowing self more in terms of emotion and feeling and situation in which we are in to it, Self regulation – knowing our triggers and reactions and responses for them, Motivation – which keeps us going and in-line with our goals, Empathy – where we can practice all about for other people and Social skills – using all mentioned a live to manage our relationships and people around us.
5 competencies of Self regulation
Self control, Trustworthiness, Conscientiousness, Adoptability and Innovation.
Ikigai – Reason for being. And 3 P’s
Passion, Pleasure and Purpose. Which are the factors if we drive through can lead us to our best  state of mental wellness.
And last but not the least
Psychological safety – very important state of mind which gives strength and confidence.

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