Critical Thinking Day 3 and 4

When I opted for Critical Thinking I was not really ready to think critically as I was happy with my own likings and disliking. But to my surprise, the engagements and provocations are such that, I am actually looking forward for more sessions. I found the sessions interesting where I learned about the importance of critical thinking in life. On Day3 and 4 I learned about different types  of biases like Confirmation bias, Affinity bias, Anchoring bias, Availability bias, Inattentional bias, Hindsight  bias, etc. It  was an eyeopener for me and I  actually understood that my preferences are somewhere related to these biases. The best part was when I identifying my own biases. Through the sessions I got to know that we are pattern seeking  animals. Our brain has dots which joins or connects at times. It is difficult for humans to accept something new. I enjoyed the activity where I had to murder my daring by looking for the counter evidences.

Another interesting learning was abut Moral Relativism. Here I understood that my moral compass can be different from others. Our values are determined by the society we grow up in. No values are universal. They vary from culture to culture.

I am hoping to see myself applying my learning from these sessions and I am happy that I am learning to become a critique of my own thinking.

Looking forward to more such sessions!!!

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