“Murder your Darling…”

The title is really strong and contradicting. Same is the expectation for developing critical thinking – murder your biases – the thoughts, views, opinions which were so very comforting and supportive to your system 1.

It’s difficult – extremely difficult – because we have to do it by ourselves. It needs patience, clarity, acceptance, readiness and courage. But that’s the only way to heal, in many different ways and for many reasons. Eg – The topic I chose to – murder my darling was – “Men are not emotional”. Based on what I had seen, heard, and experienced all these years – this was a very easily accepted reality. So, to start off to murder – I looked into the men in my house to see whether they were really emotional? I really struggled hard to recall and see things differently to understand their ways to be emotional as my system 2 had never ever explored or saw through those lenses all this time. And hence there were differences, disagreements and resentments. But with great efforts with my system 2 at least now I can say – “mere ghar ke mardo ko BHI dard hota hae”.:):):):):) I am still work in porgress with my system 2 to observe more and understand their emotional side.

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