Reflection of Emotional Intelligence (LC)

It is an opportunity to be a part of life class at Fountainhead school. It was very interesting to learn the science behind our emotional reactions and the term ‘Amygdala Hijack’. Earlier, I had an idea of Emotional Intelligence and its benefits but, after attending the Life Class, I found the big idea and also many more connected benefits. To explain further, Emotional Intelligence is a wide term, it became easier to learn it in small chunks such as self-awareness, self-regulation, and self-motivation. I learned that one needs to find purpose behind each action or activity he/she does in his/her life. Generally, I am not the kind of person who thinks this deeply in any situation. We should be mindful of our actions. The video of Ikigai was inspirational, I found it a very simple method to find one’s life goal. 

Vardan Sir’s session of 3 P’s Pleasure, Passion, and Purpose made one thing clear if our passion connects to some purpose, it becomes meaningful and worth the time spent on it.

Though it is easy to talk about things it is very difficult or needs a lot of effort to apply in real life. I was able to analyze and identify my life goal. The interactive participants and the mindful facilitators made all the sessions more engrossing and engaging. 

Thanks to all.

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