Critical Thinking!!

A vague idea of what ‘Critical Thinking’ – It is thinking from a different perspective or digging deep into the information available to reach a conclusion.

Googling gave me the first meaning of Critical thinking – ‘the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgement’.

In my opinion most of the decisions in life need critical thinking, but for that we need to understand “What Critical Thinking actually is?”

One part of the workshop was to go through the list of biases, and as I started reading it… I was like “ Oh! This also applies to me, I am biased in this way as well…” and the list was never ending.

Negativity bias – Inclined towards the thinking of more of unpleasant events (greater recall of unpleasant memories) than the pleasant one. Whenever I start a task and if I come across a negative memory / fact,  I get demotivated.

Google effect – The tendency to forget information that can be found readily online by using Internet search engines. This one I found interesting. If I do not understand even a small thing (E.g if I have to cook and I have already made that dish earlier I will still go back and search it on Google.) and I have the answers. Most people can relate to this. Especially people at FS!


Others are:

Planning fallacy

Post-purchase rationalization

Looking forward to learn more.



  • I can connect myself to the negativity bias: Whenever I am told to attend a social function, where I will be surrounded by a particular set of people, whom I would not like to meet for a number of reasons – I have this thought in my mind that meeting those people will again take me back to those days of life – which I don’t want to recall even in my wildest dreams.

  • Ankita Diwekar Kabra

    I can relate to the google effect. It happens that I make a same recipe (not frequently but say once in 2 -3 months) but everytime I look up the same recipe on the same site.
    At all these times, I wonder how our moms and grandmoms can quickly recall recipes and tell them over the phone without referring to any website 🙂

  • I can connect to negativity bias. However, I don’t recall unpleasant memories but tend to think negatively. Whenever I am happy about something, I feel scared as I believe that my happiness will not stay long, and something negative will happen.

  • Yes, I do agree that ‘Google effect’ has influenced us badly. But sometime I also make conscious efforts to recall things to ensure that my memory is in working condition. ‘Memory’ is also a ways of knowing and can be a big help when googling is not possible 🙂

  • Priyanka Vijay Chhabra

    I completely agree to the statement- that we need to understand what in actual critical thinking is.. As we just see few comments or to say 1-2 sites and believe that knowledge shared in those sites are absolutely correct.. But its not true in many cases…

    With new learning I understood that – see all the factors- analyze and then take any decision.

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