3rd Circle–Deeper connections-moving from transaction to trust

Dear All

I am extremely delighted with the way everybody shared in first circle, then listened to the talk, and finally with very meaningful questions.
To deepen our learning and not just to keep it at intellectual level it is important that we internalised it by learning more about it, reflecting and then taking initiatives and act on it.
I am grateful to Ankita for raising a very pertinent question and one that faces most organisations and most are blind towards it. I hope we all go deep into this inquiry and see what emerges. to experience falseness in false is beginning of wisdom. 🙂
Insightful talk by Nipun, which talks about engaging with different forms of capital and limiting ourself with Money or resource for serving others.
As suparna shared about “connecting with herself”, I am moved to share a wonderful short story that epitomise that connection.
Some more nuances about Serving which will be great reference point to understand it at deeper level.
As we have discussed and Mihir too insisted sharing his profound experiments of service, I request all to create a matrix for different types opportunity  to serve within our campus, how so ever  small it is and experiments with it and observe what happens to us when we serve without any motivation or expectations. Needless to add that we have more then enough opportunity at home with family to serve every moment.
Looking forward to listen to wonderful stories and small experiment of service at home and school whenever we meet.
In Service, sending you smiles till we meet next. 🙂
On behalf of Paragbhai

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