2nd circle-Reflecting on our understanding

Dear All

Thank you very much for being there and holding space for all to share their insights and learning.

Most resonated with both the article and the ted talk. Everybody understand deeply the need to organise and connect deeply with others and one common question which all were holding is why we are not able to do it or what needs to be done. some interesting common threads were;

1) Everybody has experienced deep joy while connected with others and were deeply resonating with both the articles. “Everybody is good at something’ naturally resonated with the most teacher as that is a common practice at Fountainhead while evaluating students for the goal setting process. Plan for their strength is very deeply imbibed in school culture. How Feroze as an individual brought about so much changed in approaching disability was deeply appreciated by all.

2) Margaret Wheatley article was quoted a lot in sharing and there were a lot of powerful quotes that moved most of us. there was an interesting conversation around reorganising and pitfalls and the advantages of reorganising. The consensus was that  there are edges to both the approach and playing to the strength of re-organising was appreciated by most.

3) Most were in awe watching the ted talk which talks about research which went for 75 years on ‘What makes good life’. It was deeply inspiring  to understand the power of deep and lasting  relationship and as an organisation which has always focused on Results + Relationships as a primary objective of organisation felt reassured about it’s approach to people and its objective.

4) The Anchor pointed out the importance of listening and how deeply it is integrated with learning. The movement of life can be a movement in learning if we observe and listen to ourself and others. He shared his experience of listening to people whom he does not resonate with and the outcome was that  he may not get any new insights from everything that is shared but the capacity to hold space and listen is exponentially improved when he listen to such conversation.

My learning from this session was that more time needs to be given to individual participants for their sharing and also time pressure disturbs the rhythm of their sharing and to this end we would divide the house into 2 circles going forwards for the circle of sharing while  be united in the theme presentation.

this is the link to  the solitary confinement I referred.

and some further reading to deepen our learning;

How one woman feel completely safe and at home in one of largest red light area of India that talks about power of organising.

I Thank you all again for being there and look forward to our next circle till then “Happy Exploring”.
On behalf of Paragbhai

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