Book Club 2022-23

Atomic Habits by James Clear

Tiny changes, remarkable results….

That’s the realization that sunk in when I read the book.

Habits shape our identity – this is not a new learning. We have been told this since ages. But this book brought in a lot of takeaways. We always say that habits die hard. But James Clear in this book shares lot of strategies which can be easily implemented in order to inculcate good habits and break the bad ones. The 2 minute rule to stop procrastinating really stuck with me. It says that Habits are the entry point and not the end point. It’s like an entry ramp to a long highway. In order to begin a good habit ensure that the first 2 minutes are easy and once we have standardized these initial 2 minutes, rest will be taken care of.

The book also throws light on how being in motion is different from action, even though at first instance it seems the same. Being in motion involves mere planning, but action involves practice. Repetition is the key to the beginning of any new habit.

Another point worth noting is that focus on the current trajectory rather than current result. 1% improvement daily would compound to 37 times improvement over a year.

The 4 laws of behavior change seemed so relatable. These are simple set of rules to build good habits. They are: 1. Make it obvious 2. Make it attractive 3. Make it easy 4. Make it satisfying.



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