To start with, I’d say it was a kind of self discovery and self awareness when I was able to reflect on my own thinking and try to find by which bias is it affected. I never had any idea that there’re so many biases to our thinking!! To be very honest it was little overwhelming for me to read each bias and try to reflect whether I’ve that bias or not. After reading the entire list twice I was able to find 2 to 3 matching ones!!

I mean I could relate to those biases and agree to it that yes many times my thinking is affected by these biases i.e. Hindsight bias and Optimism bias. And the confirmation bias I guess affects everyone by default. Somewhere or the other we’ll have that bias. Also the 2 sessions on critical thinking brought much more clarity to what actually is thinking critically. It was an enriching experience to hear from different people of our group, looking at multiple perspectives and treating each with due respect. At times you agree to some and discover a newer insight; but at times you choose to go with your beliefs and understanding! And that’s the beauty of these life classes. These classes have always given me a chance to introspect and find out about myself, on my own. And when there are people so well educated and experienced, you get to learn so many things. Looking forward to discover more in the coming sessions of critical thinking and preparing myself to be a ‘critical thinker’!!

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