Critical thinking … is too critical!!

The word “Critical,” is derived from the Greek word krisis, which means “to separate.” When life presents us with turning points, when we are faced with situations that require decisive action, when we need plans that will yield positive consequences, then we also need critical thinking. Such thinking allows us to separate ourselves from the crisis that can suck us into disaster and permits us, instead, to forge new pathways to success.

Critical thinking is itself surrounded with a lot of myths which Shahnaz Patel has fairly talked about. I personally was the one who felt critical thinking means to think of the reasons that could negate the other person’s point. And, that it leads to conflict – difference in opinions..

During the sessions, we got an opportunity to browse through a list of biases which revolves around an individual throughout his/her life, I came to know about my bias too… PESSIMISM BIAS.. Initially, I couldn’t identify which one I follow and then, I was not able to accept when I got one. But, every time I came across a situation where I started thinking negative, I concluded accepting it.

Sooo.. how am I a patient of pessimism bias…!! As the definition says, “The tendency for some people, especially those suffering from depression, to overestimate the likelihood of negative things happening to them,” (surely does not mean I am under depression…) but, yes, I see negative things and actually overestimate stating that mere sath to aisa he ho sakta hai or nothing good can happen with me. This was the case when things go wrong or even if they went right, I try to find the wrong in it.

And, now.. I am looking forward to become a critical thinker and watch my thoughts and analyse my thinking so that it goes in the right direction.

That’s all from my end!!! Till the next time.. Keep thinking critically…!!! 🙂 😉

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