The One Minute Manager reflection

Book name: The One Minute Manager

Author: Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

The book is like a parable which talks about a young man searching for a manager who would lead well in this changing world. He travels many places and meets many managers some of who are results-oriented while some are people-oriented. He feels the most effective ones are those who manage themselves and the people they work with well. This helps both the people and the organization. He finds such a person and decides to meet him. This manager teaches him strategies for one-minute management. Therefore, this book is divided into three sections one for each type of secret and how one applies it.

  1.  One minute goals
  2.  One minute praising
  3.  One minute Redirects

Towards the end, this young man applies these secrets and himself becomes an effective manager.

Learning: The summary given at the end of each section explains in short how to apply these secrets. I liked the word Redirect for feedback. It feels you need to take U-turn and rework. One minute of praising is really good. “Right after someone did a great job, tell them that they did well in that specific instance”. Similar to the one minute praise, you should use it right after the mistake was made and be very specific. To show there are no hard feelings, include a note of appreciation in your criticism.

This form of criticism works well for three reasons:

  1. Your employees feel that their mistakes are being treated fairly and not with injustice.
  2. You both clear the air instantly and avoid dwelling on bad feelings.
  3. You remind your employee of their own worth and the valuable part they play in the organization.

Good learning and reiteration of what we are doing at school but still why do people fear to give or take feedback needs to be rethought.




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