Confirmation Bias – I see it everywhere!

Ever since I learnt about this bias, I see it everywhere (I guess this is also because of the confirmation bias)

Ayman ma’am was wearing lovely white shirt today and got stain of ketchup on it! 🙁

Immediate reaction of others “When you wear white, it gets dirty” “Kuch na kuch khaana white tshirt pe girta hi hai, hai na???” “Never wear white”

My processor immediately started making all possible connections and I was about to say “Yes correct, never wear white” but I stopped and said “Isn’t this a confirmation bias?!”

Ayman ma’am smiled and I felt good! 🙂


  • When I read this message of yours, I was flooded with loads of memories where I had done so many similar things…I did ‘X’ so automatically ‘Y’ is bound to happen. Now when we know about most of these biases(if not all), realization of this becomes easier.

  • Shezin, I always tell Shiv not to wear white on Saturdays or when he is in day care playing. He once asked me , ” Why do cricketers wear white during their play in test matches?” 🙂

    • I can completely resonate. Everyday, at my stop I meet students of DPS school as their bus timing is same as mine. I always think why DPS has made parents’ life so difficult by making the uniform white. I have also asked few parents the difficulties they must be facing while maintaining them. Confirmation bias you know 🙂

  • Priyanka Vijay Chhabra

    I too thought in that way- for me having white things has been always a big no- whether its white color laptop or a mobile or even a sandal as it will be difficult to maintain it- with time the thought converted into the belief. After reading- I guess I need to put the confirmation bias aside 🙂 too difficult you know..

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