We started the first day of the Life Classes 2021, with the short book, ‘As a Man Thinketh’ which was essentially a culmination of our learning at FS in a rather repetitive fashion. The book was based upon the simple philosophy of ‘You are what you think’ as suggested by the title too. The author connects the power of a thought with that of ‘action’ and also how one’s thought creates a rippling effect to the family and friends too. It reiterated the same idea using multiple scenarios. Having done various life classes @FS, it didn’t seem to offer anything new, yet the sharing was good.


  • I agree, this book was like a culmination or rather reiteration of what we have learnt throughout our journey of ‘Life classes’.

  • Shezin Siganporia

    I can completely relate to what you have added. For someone who wants to start with reading and something on lines of self-help may like this book.

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