My Reflection About The Book – As A Man Thinketh

The first thing this book reminded me was of “The Law Of Attraction” as they say. Whatever you think over and over again – becomes a reality. Many books have been written on this subject and I had read some parts of them. I agree to an extent that to build a habit, we must think about it over and over again, pen it down somewhere, take small small actions so that it becomes a reality. The book also talked about destiny and circumstances. The author James Allen claims these are because of our own thoughts. Here, I disagree a little but he also talks about patience and being still, that reminded me of The First Habit : Be Proactive – You Are The in-charge of Your Life. As I get more experience of life, I shall continue to keep thinking good,  I shall continue putting efforts to Be Proactive, to have patience and to be still!


  • Urvashi Chokshi

    It reminded me of the 7 habits, too, and yes it does leave a grey area, wherein it talks of the power of thoughts but doesn’t dwell on the practicality of some aspects of ‘circumstances’…

  • Agree. It talks a lot about points mentioned in the Book “The Secret”. This book was written long back so many authors are influenced by this book and hence can see their reflection of this in their own book.

  • Abheek Chakraborty

    I agree that the impact of thoiughts can be correlated with 7 habits especially the first one “be proactive” and may be also “begin with the end in mind” where the thought process can be more impactful if all the controlling factors are taken care of.

  • You are the right person with whom I can have an extended talk over this topic. I find you as a person who is very positive so it would be definitely interesting to discuss on the thought process.

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