I am my thoughts!!!

The book – As a Man Thinketh by James Allen basically talks about 5 important key courses in our lives. They are:

1. Our thoughts are seeds that create our world – Many of us believe that our inner thoughts are secret and powerless. But the author James Allen has the opposite view—he says our thoughts shape us in more powerful ways than we expect. Our ways of thinking are a major force that slowly bends the course of our lives in a certain direction.

2. Our circumstances are shaped by our character –  It’s us who should be deciding how to respond to the given situation. 

3. Our desires direct the world we create around us – I have heard the line – “You always have a choice” many times through various means, but never really gave a serious thought to it till now.

4. We must earn things, not just wish for them – I would like to put it this line as – We must earn things and not just wish for them – because we deserve it.

5. Our thoughts even affect our physical health – Well this need not be explained much as we all have definately faced it in this recent times. 

Overall, I felt that most of the key lessons are being practised – but not consistent. I guess this is a good reminder and time to pick up from where I left.



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