Reflection on “As a man thinketh” by James Allen

The book talks about how our thoughts are the prime factors that influences our actions. Good thoughts yield positive action and bad thought leads to futile efforts. Our mind is like a garden. Good thoughts can be cultivated in the garden like healthy seeds. These positive thoughts have a positive impact on our body which can not be attained sans the continuous purity in thoughts. One need not be a saint or opt for toiling efforts to the so-called cleaning of mind and body rather follow the simple procedure of devoting oneself in practicing these pure thoughts. Thoughts have a natural inclination towards the purpose of one’s life. It can act as the driving force, as the light throughout the tunnel for someone to aim their journey, to accomplish their goals in life.

Thoughts give the dreamer a vision, an aspirant the target, the sailor his port. Positive thoughts keep the body and mind in a sound form and ultimately shapes the future of an individual. Ultimate calmness and control over life are not achieved by materialistic gain rather a better control over the mind. He who has control over his thoughts and can channelize the same will have the answer to life’s most difficult questions.

Though the book overall has impactful content, I feel it initially hits the bulls-eye with the message it tries to convey but later loses the focus due to repetition. It also has a typical flavour of the books of moral science found in our traditional curriculum where things are taught black and white rather grey. If I compare it with other self-help books like “road less travelled” or “the 7 habits of highly effective people” that I have read, though the content is quite different, these books show multi-dimension of the problem to the reader and make it more realistic and convincing for the reader to associate with more real-life connection whereas “As a man thinketh” is more idealistic and theoretical. Overall, the book has a message that can be learnt and applied effectively.

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  • Thank You Abheek Sir for sharing your honest opinions about the book. Surely we need to keep our thoughts as pure as possible! Peace, Be Still!

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