As a Man Thinketh

Three things I learnt from the book:

  1.  We can’t choose the circumstances directly but, we can choose our thoughts and indirectly shape our circumstances.
  2.  The analogy is given in the book of our mind like a garden which says, “The right seeds are thoughts that make us vital, energized and strong, while the weeds are disempowering thoughts.”
  3. I was inspired by the line which says, ” Desire leads to attention, attention leads to action, actions lead to our circumstances. “

Two things I will implement in my life:

  1.  I will shape my thoughts rather than cribbing about the situation and circumstances around me.
  2.  Always have a positive attitude and earn things rather than wishing for them.

One question I still have:

  1.  The last line of the book says, “Peace, Be still!!”. Is it really attainable?


  • Shezin Siganporia

    “Peace, Be still!!”. Is it really attainable?

    My take on this would be one can keep trying and there will be some instances where it ll be attainable after making many attempts. But sometimes we may just surrender to the amygdala hijack…

  • Thank You for sharing your thoughts. Definitely it will further inspire me to stay positive and be proactive.. About being still and peaceful, I think it should be attainable after a lot of deliberate practice – as many have claimed to be – So let’s be hopeful that it is attainable!

  • It is attainable not impossible but worth a try for sure.

  • That’s a good challenge to take up, thanks for bringing it up.

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