As a Man Thinketh — A bit too stretched!

This book does talk about a very important and life-changing lesson for life — Our thoughts define our life! Thoughts impact not only our physical and mental well-being but also how we look at people and the world around us.

The author keeps explaining and re-explaining the same thing several times with different analogies. I found it a bit too repetitive and that makes it boring to read. Also after doing 7 habits, Love and Integrity this book gives no new insights to me.


  • Urvashi Chokshi

    I agree, while the book will be awesome for someone who has never approached the topic or introspected, it was slightly too stretched for us. Nonetheless, it shared the importance of ‘watching our thoughts’

  • Yes, it is a good book for a novice on this topic. This book also gave a scope of discussion where we were able to introspect on the analogy given in the book.


    I totally agree with you ma’am, that it was repetition from our previous learnings of Life class.


    I totally agree ma’am however the analogies were interesting.

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