From Emotional Intelligence to Critical Thinking… A journey one must have!

After attending the critical thinking life class I can now clearly get why it has been made compulsory to attend both critical thinking and emotional intelligence sessions. We are social beings and our thoughts are molded through our experiences and interactions with ourselves and others.

Where last year attending an emotional intelligence life class helped me to further understand how I deal with different situations purely based on what I ‘feel’. Critical thinking life class has helped me to go a step further to also find ways to work on the same and correct the way my ‘thinking’ has been wired. Right from understanding my micro triggers as part of emotional intelligence to understanding my cognitive biases on which I operate in my day-to-day life is what I have learned from critical thinking sessions.

The most important thing I learned was that these biases are like paradigms and we can work on them to make better decisions and look at situations in a more open-minded manner. Many of our fears are also based on these biases and this is what I aim to understand and work on next.

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