Title of the book :- Eat the frog

In this book, you can see joe you can change a life by managing time dividing the goals in a certain manner. There are 21 different ways to set your goals to finish it within time.

I will put my takeaways from the book here:-

-Always make a master sheet for your goals were going to write each and everything from there you can divide your goals into different areas that you going to work on.

-Best thing I like always do planning your day which initially taking only 10 to 15 minutes but your entire day will be smooth without any hazel.

– Upgrade your knowledge and skills which going help your work more smoothly and faster.

-Give yourself imaginary deadlines don’t wait for someone to give you the deadlines or supervised. Which also requires self-discipline ourselves.

– For doing our work we don’t forget our physical health, overtime of work leads less productive and more time-consuming. manage your time wisely give yourself rest time which is important fuel of our body more rest charged body and give energy for upcoming days for working efficiently and effectively.

-Harish Chauhan
Try to succeed with making goals but never forget your health in that. As health is Wealth.

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