Eat That Frog!

Title:-  Eat That Frog!

Author – Brian Tracy


This book is about “21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time”. Most chapters of this book is on how to set goals and  methods are also given to achieve. Time management is the key to success. If we really follow this book then we can balance our professional &  personal life well.  This book is about self realization and gives you a reminder that you can be successful if you adapt the new habit like power to take decisions, discipline your life, and determination to achieve your goals. 


Title of this book is very interesting. “Eat that frog!” 🙂 Why has the author selected this title? Here frog means your important & ugly task which you ignore most of the time.  “If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.” by  Mark Twain.  It means you need to start the day with the most important & difficult task and finish it. 


In this book Brian Tracy mostly gives emphasis on discipline in your life and believing in yourself.  Here are some quotes from a book which I like most.


“Before you begin scrambling up the ladder of success, make sure that it is leaning against the right building.” by Stephen Covey

“Only about 2 percent of people can work entirely without supervision. We call these people “leaders.””

“Whenever you feel overtired and overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, stop yourself and just say, “All I can do is all I can do.”


My takeaways from this book are that – 

  1. I used to make a “Daily to – do list” but now I will make a monthly and weekly list.  
  2. I will practice creative procrastination – How I will practice that? “zero-based thinking” in every part of my life. I will evaluate my everyday activities and abandon one activity which is not important in my life and I will focus on my important task. Example:- I will abandon watching TV in the evening instead of that I will spend good time with my family.
  3. I will use the ABCDE method while planning “to do list”.




  • I think it is well summarized reflection of the book Rucha. I was able to make connection with “7 Habits” book too. Keep it up…!!!

    • Priti Pimpalkhare

      Yes , even I can connect it with 7 habits , especially as you reflected about “I used to make a “Daily to – do list” but now I will make a monthly and weekly list”.

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