short books : Eat that Frog reflection

Title of the book: Eat that Frog

Author: Brian Tracy Genre of the book: Self-help

Why was this title selected: Eating the frog means you don’t procrastinate and just do it. Do it first thing in the day.

About the book: This book talks about 21 ways to stop procrastinating to achieve better results. Sections of the book: The book is divided into 21 chapters which are 21 ways to stop procrastinating.

The plot of the book: This book not in a story form but each chapter gives you insights and rules which can firmly be ingrained in your thinking and actions.

Your personal opinion about the book: A must-read book especially if you are struggling with time management and identifying your KRAs. A good help in this pandemic times.

Have you read something like this before? Can you talk about that experience ?: 7 habits of highly effective people do touch upon this topic and there are many such short books which talk about this topic. Implementing it in school work and housework has helped.

Should people read this book ?: Yes. The 104-page book will take a day to read but if you do all the activities with each chapter then as Brian says Slice the dice. Divide the reading of this book may be for 21 days and do the activities given in the book.

Key takeaways:

1. You don’t have time to do everything but you certainly have time to do the most important work.

2. Make a master list, weekly list and daily list.

3. Think on paper and write your goals. It is one type of visualizing your goals.

4. Break your big task into small tasks.

5. Declutter your table and your tabs so that you can focus on the work at the given time. 6. Use 90 minutes of focused time to do a task then take 15 minutes break. Arrange your meetings accordingly.

7. Unsubscribe to the newsletter which clutters your emails.

8. Set the time to read every day related to your profession and keep learning new things. 9.Be optimistic.

10. Practice creative procrastination. Decide to procrastinate in low-value activities.


– Bhargavi

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  • Precise and accurate . The key learning sort of covers most of the significant indicators which a writer wants the readers to ingrain and make it a habit which assuredly ensures success .

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