Eat that frog

We read this book over 2 days and many interesting things I came across. The list is long and the book is summarized well towards the end with the 21 points. I would like to post my 3 key takeaways from this book.

3 key takeaways

1. Increase your earning ability by constantly updating yourself.- doing short term courses.
2. Write down your goals. The power of written goals is way too much then just thought. If you have written the goal you then work on the action plan.
3. Don’t waste time, for eg if u drive to work listen something related to work. Read 30 mins daily even if you have to wake up early relating to your own line.

These are something I will implement in my life soon. Amazing book!


  • These three takeaways will help one gain a competitive edge over others . Very well reflected , Key take away increase your earning ability by updating your skills will help you survive the odds.

  • Don’t waste time really makes sense. We can use time in bus too to build our skills and agree thinking on paper and noting it down makes a lot of difference. When you write it is like making a commitment with yourself.

  • Keep upgrading yourself with new skills in your work so that you strive to be better, faster and more effective in your profession

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