A ‘Critical’ Journey…

So when I decided to join ‘Critical Thinking’, I was really skeptical as to what the sessions will entail. But then, all my paradigms about these sessions were broken on the very first day. All the sessions till now have been highly informative and they have been huge ‘eye and mind openers’… 😛

I am really enjoying these sessions and have surprisingly started applying it to my routine life. There are discussions happening on a wide range of topics, especially the controversial ones! The session on the various biases was so relatable and made me really look into myself as person and how I can make myself better. Now, if i want to buy something or make a decision, every single time I try to apply critical thinking in that situation rather than acting upon my biases. It was a tough thing to ‘murder my darling’, but I was so proud of myself when I could say it out loud! It really upgrades your thought process and leads you in the right way.

Looking forward to more of these sessions and hope they are equally interactive!🤞🏼


  • Varsha Tulshiyani

    True That! I was also skeptical and thought that it is going to be super boring but surprisingly it’s interesting and I have actually started using Critical Thinking in my life.

  • Mutual feeling!!! Was apprehensive of attending the ‘Critical Thinking’ sessions but the 1st session itself helped me to come out of it and yes every session helps me learn something new and trying to apply in my life.

  • dimple.surti@fountainheadschools.org

    I could related it well when it comes to the thing ” murder my darling”. I am totally an apple products lover.When I had to murder those products, I was somewhere biased while doing it but somehow I murdered it by finding that ” apple phones battery is not long lasting, they are costly etc.. “

  • Priyanka.Reliawala@fountainheadschools.org

    I could connect to your post though I was practising it unknowingly but now understood the importance of it.

  • rashida.golwala@fountainheadschools.org

    May be all of us have this skill but we seldom use it or know only when someone points it out to us… these classes have actually helped us to ponder upon our own thoughts and look from a 360 angle.

  • Jimmi.Lineswala@fountainheadschools.org

    Yes definitely Suchi ma’am I agree with you, different biases help us in practicing critical thinking and we are learning something new in every session.

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