My journey of Critical thinking life class

Is Critical thinking essential? Do I need to use it everywhere? Do I tend to confirm my beliefs by finding bias information? How biases are influencing my preferences and my decision making and so on.. In the last few sessions of Critical thinking life class, I’ve pondered on social and personal aspects of my life. Becoming aware of biases doesn’t actually make you any less susceptible to them. You become more aware of the bias blind spot, which is our inclination towards identifying how biases affect others, while simultaneously maintaining an inability to recognize how our own judgement is affected by biases. Becoming more open to multiple perspectives. In other words, educating ourselves about biases does not mean we can use this knowledge as a lens granting us unwavering vigilance for all the biases out there which may affect us.
Definitely, it is essential to know where to apply and where critical thinking is not needed. It can’t be applied in all the situations but important life skill to develop to have a broader view and looking from multiple lenses/factors.
Being a rational being, humans have the power of reasoning and can find the truth on the basis of personal experiences or evidences which are from reliable and credible sources. Knowing how we know, what we know, challenging the thought process by finding disconfirming evidence for the claims made. Thus getting a wholesome view and then analysing it in order to make informed decisions in life. Enhancing critical thinking skills is a lifelong learning journey.
Overall I’ve enjoyed the past few sessions. Thanks to all the participants and facilitators for the enriching journey.


  • Completely agree with you Bhumika that ‘Becoming aware of biases doesn’t actually make you any less susceptible to them’. Even if we are aware, we may fail to apply it due to our conditioning of years.


    I second your thoughts, we really need not apply it everywhere but it’s a quintessential skill that one must possess.

  • Shalini Nandkumar

    I agree to the point mentioned by you to be mindful where to apply critical thinking and where not to apply.

  • Agree Bhumika!! Being aware of our biases definitely does not guarantee that we are less susceptible to them but definitely we become more aware, vigilant and conscious of our own thought process. Since attending CT sessions, I have also become careful not to slip into overthinking mode and label it as critical thinking. Looking for disconfirming evidences is another thing that I try doing consciously.

  • I do agree with you Bhumika, even i had a thought whether to apply CT everywhere? Yes you need to be mindful where to and where not to…

  • I do agree with you Bhumika, even i had a thought whether to apply CT everywhere? Yes you need to be alert and aware where to and where not to…and also CT do challenge your thinking process and you try to see through different lens.

  • I agree with you that Critical thinkin can not be applied every where but yes, this is an important skill.


    Absolutely! We need to think critically looking at the situation and take decision, but one should be mindful where to apply and when not to!

  • Agree with Bhumika ma’am, I am a critical thinker and apply CT every time but after our sessions I realised that it is not required all the time. We should be mindful when and where to apply it..

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