Critical thinking in my Opinion

If I have to share my opinion about Critical thinking, It is all about understanding, analyzing, and creating perspective about any certain issue/thing from 360 degrees. This gives us better clarity about the situation, which may also lead us to take an effective decision. One of the interesting things from the last session was ‘kill your darlings’ where it is to select a product which I like and then killing it by researching its negative aspect. In the current era, there are still a lot of ancient mythologies which is being practiced and have no rationale They exist only due to misconception among people. So as per me, it is always important to use rationale in everything which comes our way before creating in any perception or learning instead of vise versa.



    True. Even I love this activity to kill your darlings where I have seen the negative impact of my favourite product on my health.

  • सही है। जब हम कोई भी एक प्रोडक्ट/कम्पनी के लिए झुकाव दर्शाते है तब हम bias हो जाते है। जहाँ गहन सोच बहुत महत्वपूर्ण हो जाती है। मुझे भी यह गतिविधि बहुत रसप्रद लगी और अब जब भी मैं कोई चीज खरीदटी हूँ, मई वापिस उसके बारे में दुबारा सोचती जरूर हूँ।

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