Critical Thinking :2020

Critical Thinking:2020 – specifically mentioned 2020 as they virtual classes.

This year I had no option but had to opt for “Critical Thinking” as its compulsory. I was wondering what is it , whole day we spend for planning , teaching and thinking at school.

To my suprise I attended the first sessions and wanted to know more, and I do agree CT is a need in our day to day life. Critical thinking helped me know what is confirmation Bias and Cognitive Bias and many additional learnings , where in I was able to make personal connections with my personal life and the vast sharing done by the team members was really mind boggling.

As is said, bring life to the workshop and take workshop to life, I have started thinking critically in all the decisions I make or for the products we use.

Lastly, I like to thank Shradda ma’am and Aman Sir for making these sessions interesting.








  • Yes, Anupama ma’am
    Critical thinking applying in our real life is necessary.We applyied it but now we know that make balance between emotional n critical thinking.


    When I also heard about these biases, I could also relate it well with confirmation bias.. I have realised that, when I go for shopping and if I like some product, I know that I want to go for it still, I take confirmation by asking questions like is it really good?, I think it will suit me, what do you think etc.. to the person with whom I went for shopping..” It was an eye opener when I realised that it’s actually a confirmation bias…

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