Reflection-Who Moved My Cheese.!

Who moved my cheese” is a self help book written by Dr. Spencer Johnson.

This book is all about “CHANGE“. Life is quite uncertain and the only wise thing is to accept the way it changes. All these is explained through a story of 2 mice (Sniff and Scurry) and 2 little people (Hem and Haw) who reacts differently when their cheese is taken away form them. Life gives fair and equal chance to all, it is upto us to either grab the opportunity and upgrade ourselves or to resist it and cry/complaint about it.

Sniff represents those set of people who are very keen observers. They keep their eyes, nose, ears wide open and anticipate the change which may come in near future. They trust their instincts and are ready with plan B for their life. Fear is something they are least known to.

Scurry represents those set of people who comes into action as soon as they anticipate  the change, they do not like to waste their time in overanalyzing the problem as well as the solution. These are simple people and to them change comes naturally.

Hem represents those set of people who do not anticipate change as well as do not accept the change. They do not like to move out from their comfort zone. For them, the situation in which they are needs to last forever. They are full of fear and insecurities; fear of loosing things, fear of not finding it again. Insecure about their belongings. They are resistant to any new idea or thought.

Haw represents those set of people who are slow. They accept the change a bit late and then start their journey for the new quest. These people need some push, some motivation to move ahead. But it is amazing to see that once they decide to move on, they never fall back. They have courage to accept their mistakes and laugh about it.


The above story indicates that human mind can react to same situation in different ways as well as different situation in same way. It is a complex web of thoughts and patterns. The more we experience the better decision makers we are. Let not your past experience hold you from discovering your “Station N”. 



Aayushi Jariwala Tandon

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  • If there’s one thing we know about life, it’s that change is inevitable. To not only cope but thrive in a changing environment, you’ll need to develop the kind of attitude and mind-set that makes adapting to change less frightening and more rewarding.

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