Authors:  by Stephen C. Lundin, Ph.D. Harry Paul, and John Cristensen. 

The title of the book reflects the atmosphere, work culture of the famous Pike Place Fishmarket. When a fish market comes into our mind it relates to the place which is fleshy, wet, and stinky where hardly one could wish to go. But the Pike Place Fishmarket is the place that is truly inspired and motivational which brings joy and invites people. 

Third Floor- of the First Guarantee Financial, Pike Place Fish Market.

Mary Jane who shifted with his husband and 2 kids to Seattle’s and was living a balanced life, suddenly after the death of her husband everything changed. Being a single mother with the responsibilities and 2 kids accepted the promotion on the third floor of the First Guarantee Finance even after knowing that the floor is called a ‘toxic energy dump’. The struggle that she faced to show her potential and get the given title removed. After losing her hope she reached a place which was a famous Pike Place Fish Market and the environment, work culture made her think deeply.

The key four ingredients which Lonnie helped her to recognize and get that implemented in her team.

The four ingredients:

1) Choose your attitude- We can choose our attitude we can bring to our work. There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.

2) Play- play while you work that brings more interest to gear up and involve in the work assigned. 

3) Make their day- We look for as many ways as we can to create great memories. And we create great memories whenever we make someone’s day

4) Be Present- Listen to all small things and acknowledge and respond, ensure that you are listening and there to help them out. By presenting these four ingredients in front of the team and further dividing the team members into 4 teams and asking them to reflect in front of the entire team. Eventually, she succeeded, it took her 1 year to remove the title ‘and now the third floor is the best place to work with no title ‘toxic energy dump’.  Now the third floor in First Guarantee Finance is the best place and the new problem is that everyone wants to work there.

IMO-  Attitude is the key factor that plays a major role in life. Our attitude drives us for the entire day. How to keep your surrounding environment truly lies on the individual. Few words of appreciation to anyone around will make their day. The joy you will see on that person’s face will satisfy you and you will automatically notice a smile on your face. Present yourself when someone is around and has come to seek help or share the problems.



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