The ‘Fish’  is a very interesting book written by Stephen C. Lundin, Harry Paul, and John Christensen. It is based on how you are managing your professional and personal responsibilities effectively.

The book has many insights into how you can bring happiness to your work. It is all about how you carry your energy, creativity, enthusiasm, and positives to your workplace. The author has given the name of this book ‘FISH’ because the fish market is an example of how the work environment should be..!

Mary is the lead character of this book, she faced tragedy in her life at an early age, her husband passed away and she was having 2 kids as well. When she was asked to be promoted to the third floor she wasn’t comfortable just because of her personal life responsibilities she had to accept the challenge. She gathered the courage to move ahead and work. When she started working she wasn’t happy with the way the team was working and was demotivated also. Somehow when she went to the fish market she was amazed observing the energy, positivity, and joyfulness around. She met lonis and learned a lot from her about how to love what you do. And how you can only bring change to your workplace. Slowly she started implementing the learning by changing her attitude towards her workplace, she started believing in herself. 

For me, the main learning from this book is the Attitude that one needs to carry in professional and personal life as well, “Your determination can only sail your boat”.

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