The philosophy of life..!!

FISH-A self help and motivational book written by Stephen S Lundin, Hary Paul and John Christensen.


This FISH is for everyone; Vegetarian, Non vegetarian, Mexican, South Asian, Italians, East Indian..anyone. Basically for all those people who wish to have a cheerfull, efficient and high energy workplace. The so called “Fish Philosophy” is all about making your work place brighter and enjoyable. The name of the book is inspired from the world famous “Pike Palace Fish Market”, in Seattle, where employees use these strategies to make their workplace a happier one inspite of being a smelly, sloppy and a wet place.

The Fish Philosophy has 4 main ingredients and these are well described and explained through a story in this book. Mary Jane (Key character), who is recently widowed and lives with her two children in Seattle, works in a firm called “First Guarantee”. She is considered as a top manager and a go to co-worker. Her team performs well and is always appreciated by all. The situation soon changes when she is offered a raise and a promotion to lead a team who is generally refer to as “Toxic Energy Dump”. In her initial days with this team, she observes, identifies and realize why this team holds such impression and why it is called “Zombie”. Her energy levels, enthusiasm and confidence drops leading this team for a week or so. She soon realizes that something has to be done in this case or else it will impact her life heavily. While tensed, hungry and frustrated with her situation, she meets Lonnie (Second main character) on her way to lunch., who is a fishmonger at the world’s famous Pike Palace Fish Market. This meeting soon changes her life. Her perspective, her energy levels and most importantly her willingness to do anything has increased. She soon finds her lost confidence and ideas to turn her team into the most lively and efficient team. Lonnie introduces her to “4 MANTRAS” to make the workplace the most enjoyable thing in the world.

These 4 Mantras are, Choose your Attitude, Play, Make Their Day and Be Present.

To choose the right attitude or rather the required attitude for any field of life is our responsibility. Nobody can change/hurt you until you give them the power to change you. The remote of your life has to be in your own hands, as simple as that (it may sound simple but it take tons of courage to make it right). Not everyone is blessed to make their passion as their work, but we are all free and independent to make the work playful and enjoyable. Working people (it includes people holding jobs, running business, Women running the house) spent their huge amount of time at work, Its all up to them to make their work place a better one; if you have the right or rather required attitude, shift hours just becomes playful. This holds true not only to your works place but also in your personal or social life. The better or happy or positive attitude you have towards life, the better are the results. Positive attitude attracts other people and this will help you include other people, be an empathetic listener and do your best to make their day and be present for them.


Kehte hai na, khushiya baatne se badhti hai. Agar hum apne priyajano ko apni khushi mein shamil nahi kar sakte to wo khushi hi kya? So share and spread the knowledge, love, happiness and be a part of an inclusive society.

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