The happiness project by by Gretchen Rubin

The happiness project by Gretchen  Rubin, the author shares  the smaller changes within her confines of ordinary life for being happier. She addresses each month of a year a theme like-  energy vitality, marriage , work , parenthood ,etc. ‘She acted the way she wanted  to feel’-  just by staying determinant to her resolutions or by working on some of her manageable concrete things that could boost her happiness, making her happier and not just happy. That’s one of her commandments out of 12 – “Act the way I want to feel”, which has kindled me and I wish to apply it in my daily routine. Bringing in smaller changes to our daily routine surely brings the sense of achievements which leads to the feeling of contented. The examples of happiness projects shared in the book are so subtle, not at all complex, its’ like a checklist- done, done, done….


“My happiness project” is to bring alignment of the following tasks in my evening schedule –


Appropriate dinner time




There are yet other interesting themes in the book like parent hood , friends ,etc. , which  I ruminate about and I am sure reading it further and discussions on them will give some clarity.

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