Are you over thinking or Critical Thinking ?

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” – Aristotle

I use to feel critical thinking is required or used while taking bigger decisions, but its not like that. we all are some of the other places using our critical thinking skills. It is just not to take things only on its face value being skeptical, welcome perspectives, analyse, evaluate and ability to think clearly. We dont jump to the conclusions, think.  It`s important for your understanding of what` others say.  Emotions are not to be involved while thinking critically. They may sometime take the lead but then the decision taken may not be considered as taken after thinking critically.
Stepping into the term  “Bias” was when we self reflect. We actually have done it in past but can be mindful in the future.

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    After reading your post, I can connect to how we apply CT without knowing while planning any event in school or even while deciding dates for upcoming events in an academic year’s calendar. Looking at all sides from examination in school, to teacher’s work load, clash wit other events in school, calendar and examination of other school. which doesn’t end there; event manual is the one which helps us look at all the sides and take care of everything.

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