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Choose Your Attitude

There is always a choice about the way you do your work, even if there is not a choice about the work itself.

It means we have a choice to use our positive/negative attitude in our work. If we put our positive attitude, we enjoy our work even if it’s boring for others and if we put our negative attitude, we will never enjoy our work if all others enjoy doing that work.


Constructive attitude:

Many times we show our attitude to bo friendly and let others take advantage of the attitude. Sometimes we show a smiling face although we are upset/stressed inside. But we should show a constructive attitude, it means we show an attitude to accept the situation and act according to it so that we can find a better solution/result. Many times we ignore to work with the person with whom we have disappointment but instead, we can handle it with him/her with the positive attitude to get a better result.


Optimistic attitude:

We have so many negative memories in our mind and also, our mind installs negative experiences for long term memory much easier than a positive one. We feel bad about ourselves when we get failure and waste so much time thinking about it and lose another opportunity, instead of that we should get out of the failure and work on it so that we can avoid another failure.


Affirming attitude:

Many times we hesitate to establish our relationship /  do work with people we are uncomfortable. We are too comfortable with whom we can share our personal/professional issues. Affirmative attitude is like we do not need to share personal issues/ experience to get work done or to get comfortable with. We can build trust without doing so many things.

Effective attitude:

Our body language and expression show our nature, behaviour and concentration towards work. If our face is expressionless and the tone of our voice flat, even though we think we’re being there, we are actually conveying that we don’t care. Smiling, on the other hand, is the first step in making people feel safe, valued and accepted. It tells them you are ready to help and work with them. It invites them to do the same for you, creating an effective, cooperative relationship.


Growth attitude:

We have a fixed mindset and think that we have more knowledge and what we are doing is right and due to it we lose many good learning opportunities and our growth is stuck at one place/level. Instead of that, if we choose a growth attitude we listen to others’ points, suggestions and we would get a better result and we can grow.



The fish market is an adult playground. If a fish guy can have much fun selling fish, there is hope for us at our workplace.

It means it’s up to us how we can do our work with our colleagues/stakeholders. If we do our work through play (in a creative way) our colleagues and all stakeholders would also enjoy doing work with us.

Play is one of the most important philosophies but many times we ignore it and don’t give importance. In many work, where different people who are demotivated/ underestimated are involved in one task/ project this philosophy is very useful and we can complete our task /project in a creative way.


Make Their Day

We look for as many ways as we can to create great memories whenever we make someone’s day.

It means if we find someone stressed/upset, we should cheer him/her by appreciating his/her effort/knowledge or do something special for him/her so that s/he feels special.

We meet many people in our day to day life, some are very happy, some are normal and some are upset, tensed, angry etc. We never do anything the third type of people. We just meet them and do our work but what if we do something special for them. We feel very special when someone does something special for us why not do the same thing for those who are in difficult situations.


Be Present/Be There

The past is history

The future is a mystery

Today is a gift

That is why we call it the present.

It means we should have to be there to listen to who share their issues/feelings/experience/solutions if we do the same we give care and respect to them and their thoughts.

Many times we listen to others but we are not fully present there. Our mind is distracted every 8 seconds and we miss some important point/sharing and we can’t give proper suggestions/solutions.


Know your priorities:

If we would like to be fully present, first we have set our priorities like if you’re in a meeting. Your phone constantly lights up with messages. You can’t deal with any of them now, so each update floats in your head, creating secondary concerns that keep you from focusing on your main priority. Start your day by writing down what you will accomplish today. What will it take to accomplish your goal?


One thing at a time:

Many times we feel proud when someone says, you are a multi-tasker but the truth is that if you do multi-task, you can’t get the best result. Instead of if you focus on one task complete it and start another one, you will definitely get the best result.


Put your distractions “Away”:

We start all the work together so many tabs are open in our device and due to it, we are distracted after some time and leave the existing work in between and start another work and so on. So as mentioned in the above paragraph, we should focus on only one task and everything else should be away/ close others tabs.


Take a break:

We should take a break in between if we feel distracted. Take a five-minute walk. Stretch. Breathe deeply. Take a short nap. Research shows that just 10 minutes can clear mental fog and restore alertness.


Focus on yourself:

Before you give your full attention to what others are feeling, you must be aware of your own emotions. Are you angry? Anxious? Your amygdala—the primitive region of your brain that responds to threats—takes over, limiting your ability to reason and maintain attention. If we focus on ourselves then only we can focus on others /works.

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