Catch the energy & release the potential

Written by Stephen Lundin, Harry Paul & John Christensen

This book all about how you can make any of your work fun and enjoyable where given real-life pike place fish market example
How these fish guys do their job with fun and serving customer loyalty.


This book mainly focusing on 4 major things:-
1) Attitude
2) Play
3) Make their day
4) Be Present



There is always a choice about the way you do your work even if there is not a choice of the work itself.
There are many times people who enjoy learning and grow it depends on when they choose to do so it can be any time in life.


It means you have should play with your work rather than taking work as the load on the shoulder or in your head. It doesn’t mean you should play with compromise the work but you have balance it such manner.
Google allows its employees 20% of working hours whatever they want to do which helps them to do things which good for them. It will increase productivity.


3)Make their day
It is important in the organization while dealing with the customer or in school with children the way you responding to them politely and gentles they feel pleasure and it can make their day, they even do the same with others.


4)Be Present
It is important to be present at the moment some people saying they are good at multitasking!! All over the world, only 7 to 8% of people are able to do multitasking with quality work. Someone is speaking to you and you are texting message it’s not actually to be present. Be present means you should listen to tiny things which important to listen which also can connect the 3rd philosophy to make their day. If I eager to speak and you are only there to listen to me completely without distracting your self it can also make my day. So it is important to be present when our employees, children, or customers.

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